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Eggs and Bacon at a Picnic?


this week has been a crazy week full of ravery giving speeches (he has given 8 this week….amazing). we have also been utilizing his office’s warehouse to get some staging practice in. we had some time to use (not kill…because we must use every second of our free time on perfecting this new speech) before he gave two speeches in vancouver, washington. before we headed in that heat box where someone left something somewhere that was slowly rotting…i made us a nice picnic to enjoy beforehand.

i wanted to show off my chacos. i didn’t wear the new ones because they clashed with the orange shirt i had on

oh, what was on the menu? the weirdest picnic food ever. we have both grown very tired of salads, already ate all the chicken breasts and turkey burgers, and it had to be something allowed on the p90x diet for our challenge. since he works only about 3 miles away from where we live, i got real fancy and fixed us eggs, turkey bacon, and pb&j (i have consumed peanut butter and jelly toast at least once a day for the past 5 weeks. i can’t get enough). then i forgot about rush hour traffic so it took me longer than 7 minutes to get there. but fear not, i can get creative. so i put the tupperware of eggs on the seat and turned that seat-warmer on! it must have worked because when i arrived they were still warm! we sat just outside his office (i didn’t capture it, but he is sitting on a paper bag so as to not dirty his fancy pants) in the glorious sun.

seriously so excited by this discovery!

as we were enjoying our fig newtons for dessert, we noticed a few blackberries growing nearby! free berries woohoo! we plucked them right off and ate them (i know they probably should have been washed….but this was my first picked blackberry of the season and it’s tradition just to eat it right off the vine. this tradition has been in effect for 1 day). it made me beyond happy because the sun was out, we were enjoying a healthy (but admittedly strange) picnic and had blackberries for dessert!

after we were full of weird picnic food and running through the speech a few times, we headed north towards vancouver, wa. usually this takes about 20 minutes…unless rush hour continues on until past 7pm. then it will take you an hour and 20 minutes to get there. we felt bad for arriving late since ravery was giving multiple speeches but sometimes things are just out of your control, no matter how well you attempt to plan!


as we were stopped on an overpass for literally 7 minutes, i snapped this picture of our pretty city. we live right next to the tall, pointy building! we are headed to bend, oregon this weekend (which is about 4 hours southeast of portland) for ravery to give a few more speeches. we are hoping to spend at least a few hours exploring the town as well! happy friday everyone!

life lesson: sometimes when things take longer than expected, you get to see something you usually miss.

question: what are you up to this weekend?

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2 Responses to "Eggs and Bacon at a Picnic?"

  • syrena
    July 27, 2012 - 4:40 pm Reply

    this weekend? celebrating my birthday with my family. next week i’m off to the dalles for toastmasters then hanging with mom in bridge town for the weekend.

    • Chelsea
      July 27, 2012 - 4:55 pm Reply

      yay for birthdays!!!! happy birth syrena!! i hope you are going to eat lots of delicious treats (please post pictures) and i’m glad you get to see your mom too! have fun in the dalles next week

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